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Monthly Strength Cycle

Strength Cycle April


This month at B3F the strength cycle will be as follows:


Monday’s strength work this month will focus on the upper body. There will be two movements: the dumbbell floor chest press (to work the shoulders, chest, triceps and core) and tempo ring rows (to work the biceps, upper back, triceps and core).

Monday’s will also be the “sprint” day for conditioning.


Tuesday’s will be the Olympic Weightlifting day and this month will focus on the Hang Power Snatch. The focus will be on technique vs. going heavy – so expect to see several sets with small reps and an encouragement to use a “training weight”.

Conditioning workouts on Tuesday’s will last between 15-18 minutes.


The focus of wednesday will continue to be the outdoor endurance workout of the week. Strength work will be brief prior to conditioning and will be front loaded dumbbell good mornings to strengthen and warm up the posterior chain and the core before your long sweat fest.

As per usual – the conditioning workout will last between 28-32 min.


Thursday will continue to be a built-in Rest Day for regulars and starters programming. Functional Strength will continue to be on offer at 12:00 and gymnastics at 13:00. This month gymnastics is going to shift its focus to inversions. Gymnastics will focus on developing push strength and becoming more comfortable being upside down. Some of the things we’ll be doing this month will include push ups, pike push ups, handstands, headstands and wall climbs. As always gymnastics is open to everyone of all ability levels.




Friday’s strength will focus on the lower body and in particular single leg work this month. The movement of the day will be barbell front racked reverse lunges.

Leading into the weekend expect to see a 12-15 minute burner for conditioning.