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Monthly Strength Cycle

Strength Cycle July


This month at B3F the strength cycle will be as follows:


Monday’s will be the upper body and Olympic Lifts day this month. The movement featured will be the push jerk. The focus for this cycle will be on technique vs. weight so expect to see low reps however high sets for your repetition scheme. Ideally you will be working with a training weight – which is a weight heavy enough to provide adequate resistance and sensory input to get the movement right, however light enough that there are no failed reps and you can use the same weight for several sets without having to take too much rest in between sets.


Tuesday’s strength focus will have two components and focus on upper and lower body. Progressing from the June cycle, Tuesdays this month will feature the single leg and single arm Romanian deadlift and Strict Pull Up Practice AND Progressions.

The Progressions for Strict Pull ups this month will be as follows:

3 sets of:

  • a) 5-10 strict pull ups/or 3 sets of max pull ups OR,
  • b) for those with 1-2 pull ups spend 2-3min trying to accumulate max single strict pull ups (for quality) OR
  • c) 2 max holds on the top of the rig and 2 negative pull ups (concentrating on the sticking point) and then 5-7 box assisted pull ups/or 5-7 feet elevated horizontal ring rows OR
  • d) 2-10 feet elevated horizontal ring rows OR
  • e) 8-10 tempo ring rows at 3232


Wednesday will continue to be the outdoor conditioning/endurance workout. This month strength will focus on the core and will be performed after the conditioning portion of the class. There will be a core circuit of 3-5 sets (depending on how you feel after conditioning) of weighted hollow rocks, leg levers, supine lateral heel reaches/touches and weight plate high plank walk overs.


Thursday will continue to be a built-in rest day from regular programming. Functional Strength will remain at 12:00 followed by gymnastics. The gymnastics cycle will focus on push strength, free standing handstands, wall walks and becoming more confident being upside – as always this class is open to everyone of all abilities.




Friday’s strength focus will be lower body and some powerlifting with working on the front squat. Please keep track of the weights you use this cycle. Please keep track of your weights this cycle, for those with sound technique will be encouraged to discover their 1 rep maximum for the front squat towards the end of the cycle.

Starters Technique Program: 

Tuesday July 2nd:               Overhead Movements (strict press, push press, push jerk)

Friday July 5th:                   Deadlift

Tuesday July 9th:                Conditioning/Endurance

Friday July 12th:                 The Clean

Tuesday July 16th:             Kettlebell Swings/Dumbbells

Friday July 19th:                 Squat (air squat, front squat, backsquat)

Tuesday July 23rd:             Deadlift

Friday July 26th:                 Overhead Movements (strict press, push press, push jerk)

Tuesday July 30th:             The Clean

Friday August 2nd:             Conditioning