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Monthly Strength Cycle

Strength Cycle October


This month at B3F the strength cycle will be as follows:


Monday’s strength session will focus on the upper body. After warming up, there will be an 8min of skill work focusing on handstand holds and wall walks. The 8min will be broken up into 30seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest alternating between the two movements. The focus is on quality of movement vs. speed. Following this there will be 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions of Upright Barbell Rows at a tempo of 31X1 (starting at the top of the movement lower down for 3 seconds, hold at the bottom for 1 second, keeping the core engaged explosively pull back up initiating the pull from the shoulders before bending the elbows, hold for 1 second on the top and repeat)


Tuesdays strength session will be the lower body and Power Lift day and will focus on the Deadlift. Everyone is encouraged to keep track of their weights each week. This month classes will be working towards discovering their 3-repetition maximum deadlift. The next time deadlifts appear in the cycle it will focus on discovering 1 repetition maximum – so keeping track of your weights will be helpful both this month and in a few months time.


Wednesday’s main focus will remain the conditioning endurance workout. This month prior to the conditioning portion of the workout there will be some short strength/skill work with 3-5 sets of 10 Barbell Overhead Walking Lunges.


Thursday will continue to be a built-in rest day from regular programming. Functional Strength will remain at 12:00 followed by gymnastics at 13:00. The gymnastics cycle for October will see a return to the floor as the skill focus will be one legged squats, what are often called pistol squats in Crossfit.


Friday’s strength session will be the Olympic Weight Lifting day of the cycle. October will focus on the squat clean. The focus will be on technique over weight so expect to so several sets with few repetitions as part of the days program.