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UNAIDS Fitness is a sustainable, non-profit initiative led by UNAIDS staff members with the consent of UNAIDS senior management. The UNAIDS Fitness charter commits it to providing “a space for individuals interested in physical exercise, to share such interest and provide experienced guided coaching in a controlled environment; nurturing the benefits that regular physical exercise provides in terms of fitness, flexibility, balance, stress management and personal safety … (and) ultimately contribute to the overall well-being of the participants and a more efficient work force”.

UNAIDS Fitness provides rigorous and holistic fitness training to all interested members regardless of their levels of fitness and health. Its functional training classes focus on functional movements: natural, multi-joint motions that the human body has evolved to perform, such as running, jumping, squatting, pulling, pushing and lifting. In addition to functional training, class attendees are provided evidence-based advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. A mutually supportive community has formed, bound together by common goals and regular interaction. Social events are held on a quarterly basis.


Condition of membership into UNAIDS Fitness is to be a staff member (fixed-term or temporary, active or retired), an adult family member of a staff member or an intern of UNAIDS, another Geneva-based international organization or a permanent mission.

UNAIDS Fitness Committee

The UNAIDS Fitness Committee manages the day-to-day activities of UNAIDS Fitness. The Committee is comprised of a president, treasurer, fitness specialist and two secretaries. Participation in the Committee is voluntary and unpaid. Committee members are elected by UNAIDS Fitness members for one-year terms at the UNAIDS Fitness Annual General Meeting.


Coaches are either ‘home-grown’ (UNAIDS or WHO staff) or external. Home-grown coaches work as unpaid volunteers. External coaches are paid per class. All other proceeds from class fees go to the purchase of equipment, the maintenance of the facilities and social events.



 Christopher Fontaine



Taavi Erkkola  

Fitness Specialist

Anna Cocozza



David Clark



 John Kromodimedjo

Secretary (IT)