Some of you might know about it and some of you might already have participated, but on top of the daily classes provided by CrossFit B3F, Peter also offers an individual programme for our members. As its name indicates, it is an individual tailored 6 month programme, where together with Peter you concentrate on working towards your specific goals.

I heard nothing but good of the programme so this year’s New Year’s resolution was to go for it and try to increase my cardiovascular endurance, lose weight, do something to improve my form (especially for squats and all the derived movements) and get fitter and healthier in general.

After I filled out the intake form, Peter made me go through a movement analysis a strength and aerobic capacity test to determine what my starting point was. We discussed my goals during which I pointed out that I was adamant about the fact that I wanted to keep playing football on Wednesday nights 😊 and shortly after Peter had my first week of tailor-made workouts ready. Twice a week I do full body workouts which kinda look like the functional strength classes but then tailored to me and following a 3 week cycle, complemented by walking twice a week, football on Wednesdays and running (!!!!) on Saturdays. I knew running was going to be involved but I didn’t think I had a day dedicated to it. A month into the programme I went from not being able to run 20 minutes in a row to run 35 minutes at an easy pace but without stopping.

I am currently working really hard on improving the form of my squats and with minor adjustments and hard work I can already see some differences from week to week. What is really useful is the videos I upload in the dedicated app. After Peter’s analysis and feedback I can clearly see where I need to focus on.


Peter also asked me to keep track of what and when I eat for 2 weeks to see where we could change things and after that he asked me to keep a “water” log for 4 weeks as well as a “mindful eating” log. I’m guessing that the next phase will be eating certain things (or rather eliminating certain things in my diet 😊) at certain times to try and to improve the quality of my diet.

Initially it was a bit hard to start doing workouts on my own early in the morning but once I got the hang of it and the routine it works out very well, and by the way there is no specific time on when you want to do your workout, I choose to do early morning though …!

Although I sometimes still struggle a bit with the tempo indications I’m getting the hang of it. I can definitely see the benefits of having a healthy routine and where before I used to do 2 of the workouts a week and football I can see that even by “just” walking it makes a difference because I am  moving EVERY day. What I have noticed thus far, is that my form starts to improve, my core strength is getting better and together with the coach we are trying to puzzle the pieces together for a healthier lifestyle.

While Peter gives feedback through the App on an almost daily basis, we also have an in person consultation on a monthly basis during which we go through the results of the workouts, the progress on nutrition and to define the next steps in the programme.

I really recommend the individual programme design to anybody who has a specific goal in mind or in general who wants to have a tailor made programme. For more information I suggest you contact Peter 😊

Author: unaidsfitness