The preparation for WAD-WOD (World Aids Day- Workout of the Day) has started and while I am trying to put in the required volume of training, the UNAIDS Fitness committee is in full swing with all the preparations for our very first 24 Hr event.

For those of you who were not yet aware, this year we will be doing a 24 Hr Murph Challenge in an attempt to break the world record of number of completed Murphs by one person in 24 Hrs. Thus far only a handful of people who were crazy enough to do Murphs AMRAP for 24 hours. Dave Barry (UK) did 11 Muprhs back in 2017.  There was Lisa Lee (USA, Texas) who did 10 Murphs, this year and finally there was John Sullivan, who to the best of my knowledge holds the record with 13 completed Murphs, He completed the challenge also on Memorial day this year.


As for our event, we plan on starting on Sunday, December 1st at lunch time and go on till noon of December 2nd. The funds we hope to raise with event will go entirely to ‘Operation Bobbibear’. This NGO is a human rights organization committed to helping sexually abused children in Amanzimtoti, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.


The aim of the event is to raise as much funds as possible but there is a lot of help we need in preparation for that. So we are reaching out to the community to get a helping hand in the following areas.

  • Marketing (social media, posters, flyers, pictures, videos etc…)
  • Event organization
  • Logistics (set up, stand occupation)
  • Medical & nutrition
  • Outreach to sponsors
  • People volunteering in completing 1 Murph with Peter.
  • Funding page
  • Etc….

There is plenty of work to do, so even if you don’t feel like working out, you can still be of help prior or during the event.


As you can imagine, preparation for an event like this,is not to be taken lightly. After my test-attempt on Memorial day where I did 8 Murphs in about 10 hours, I had some take-away’s.

Ideally I should have been a little lighter to do an 24 hour event, so I worked hard to lose some weight (basically I did a combo of long intense aerobic sessions with intermittent fasting) and I managed to shed off about 4 kilo’s (from 83 to 79 kg). Still not exactly what I would like to weigh, but I still have a bout 2,5 months to get there.

Training volume needs to increase. So now it is basically an accumulation phase of volume and lot’s of aerobic work. Over the next coming weeks this volume will only increase and together with my coach we are working on walking that fine line between getting enough volume and sufficient contractions in and at the same time avoid getting injured.

Here is what one of my weeks looks like:


  • 60 min Assault bike @ 80%


Morning session

A1) 90/90 Pullover

  • 8 reps x 4 sets; rest as needed

A2) Alt Inverted Row Contralateral Hold

  • 10-12 alt reps x 4 sets; rest as needed

B) 25 sets – with vest

  • 5 Pull-ups 
  • 10 Pushups 
  • 15 Air Squats

Lunchtime session

A) 30 sets without vest

  • 100 m run
  • 10 ring rows
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 squats


A) Regeneration + ISO (Morning session)

  • Row 500m @ 2:10/500m 
  • 30s/side Split Squat ISO Hold 
  • 20 Cal AB @ 50-52RPM 
  • 30s Ring Support Hold 
  • 40 Reverse Single Unders 
  • 30s Wall Sit w/Adduction 
    x 60:00 @ easy

B) Assaultbike (Lunchtime session)

  • 75 min @ 85-90%


A) 16 sets w/vest

  • Run 200m 
  • 5 Pull-ups 
  • 10 Pushups 
  • 15 Air Squats

B) Nerve Glides

  • 45-60s/side x 3 sets (Ulnar / Median / Radial)


A) Lunge Matrix

  • 3:00 cycling through the various positions, arms overhead

B) Cyclical Cardiac Output

  • 75min @ <140BPM: Cycle through 50 Cal Row / 50 Cal Ski Erg / 50 Cal AB until time domain is completed.


A) 30 sets with vest

  • Run 200m 
  • 5 Pull-ups 
  • 10 Pushups 
  • 15 Air Squats

B) Nerve Glides

45-60s/side x 3 sets (Ulnar / Median / Radial)

C) Assault bike

45 min @ easy pace.


A) FRC Hip Flow as video nice and easy

B) Walk 60-75min outdoors


Bearing in mind that this is just the beginning of the ‘real’ training, this volume will over the next 15 weeks steadily increase with the exception of a couple of de-load periods during which we’ll give the body a bit of a break .


It’s still a long way till December 1st, but I am positive and as long as I can stay injury free, I think I should be able to attack that current record.

The Fitness Committee and I can’t do it alone though. I need to primarily focus on my training, my nutrition and my recovery, so for all the rest, we are really counting on you all.  

Author: Peter Koopmans