This month`s choice for the Athlete of the Month for May 2019 fell on a “woman’s woman”. She is an athlete that has such a curiosity about technique and is admiral in her ability to scale back and focus on what she needs to improve. Seen by her 10 strict pull ups a few weeks ago. She could kip – but always hurt her shoulder doing that – she put in the work to develop her stricts and ended up with 10! 

She is super humble – she puts that ego aside and welcomes feedback on how to improve- our Athlete of the Month is Anna Thorson .


Where are you from?


 What is your occupation?

 Research manager with the Dept of Reproductive Health and Research, WHO

 How did you discover B3F?

 I remember hearing Peter introducing B3F at a fitness event in the main entrance of WHO, wearing a CrossFit t-shirt. He was such a pro and I was so happy learning you could access CrossFit next door and at an amazing price in addition.

 What sorts of sports / fitness activities were you doing before?

 CrossFit, and some slow running when having a hard time finding time for the gym.

 Do you remember your first workout with B3F? How was it?

 I remember doing deadlift technique with Peter, he had us working up a sweat with the bamboo sticks.

 What is your favourite type of workout?

Cardio intervals with varied exercises are great (especially after). I have a love-hate relation to Wednesdays.

 What is your favourite type of exercise?

 I really like Turkish get ups, OH squats, weighted glute bridges, negative pull-ups… slow difficult stuff I didn’t know existed, and which feel like they use a lot more than the obviously involved muscles.

 What weaknesses are you working on right now?

 I should work on my handstand against the wall, wall-climbs, toes-to-bar, snatch, pistols… and more.

 What accomplishment are you most proud of?

 I recently did some 10 regular pull-ups in a WOD, not unbroken or perfect (a few foreheads to bar), but having always scaled to other movements before this was a PR of sorts for me.

 What are your goals?

 Short term: some more consecutive pull-ups perhaps?

Medium term:  would love to do a hand-stand against the wall without help

Long term: staying healthy, destressed and reasonably fit

 Any advice for new comers?

 Enjoy, have fun and feel welcome! And everything has a scale.

 Anyone in particular you would like to acknowledge?

 All the great coaches as well as others in the fitness committee, fellow athletes, it is such a luxury and enormous privilege having B3F in-house! I have been to many classes with Malaika, so a very special thanks for her always encouraging and contagiously positive attitude! With her attention to detail and technique in addition, she really makes the most of classes for all of us.


Author: Malaika Lydon