The time has come around for us to announce the March Athlete of the Month. So many of our members regularly demonstrate our definition of excellence – which includes (but is not limited to) being consistent in training, listening to and implementing feedback in order to get stronger and improve performance. This month the choice fell on Kenneth Piercy.

Where are you from?

Seattle, Washington, USA.

What is your occupation?

 Legal Officer, WHO Office of the Legal Counsel

How did you discover B3F?

Jonathan King first told me about B3F and helped me to get signed up and started. Derek Walton also mentioned how great it was and recommended I give it a try. 

What sorts of sports / fitness activities were you doing before?

A daily run and a weekend ski or hike with the family when possible.  

Do you remember your first workout with B3F? How was it?

Absolutely. It was less than a year ago, and it was tough!  I showed up to regulars instead of starters by accident. Chris let me stay for the class and coached me.  Everything was new to me — the exercises, the terminology, and the timing/structure. After that, I went through the starters cycle with Zoe and Malaika.  

What is your favourite type of workout?

The team WODs are fun.

What is your favourite type of exercise?

I enjoy the strength component of the regulars workout, as I have a lot to learn and practice there.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

When I finished the WOD a few weeks ago of 100 overhead squats, and when I got the box jump going right. 

 What are your goals?

My big goal, and the reason I started B3F, is to improve my overall strength and fitness.

On specific exercises, I want to get pull ups and pistol squats down.   

Any advice for new comers?

For those totally new to it, it may be helpful to spend a few minutes on the B3F and websites to get an understanding of how classes are structured, the key exercises, and the terminology.  Also, follow the posted rules and guidance. My favorite is “leave your ego at the door”. Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy your gym time!


Anyone in particular you would like to acknowledge?

The whole B3F community – those who set it up and keep it running.  I’m a newcomer, but it’s clearly something special, a great resource.

I’d also like say thanks to coaches Malaika, Chris, and Zoe for their support and advice.   

Author: Chris Fontaine