The third annual World AIDS Day workout—a.k.a. “the WAD WOD”—was held in the UNAIDS lobby on 3 December. The WAD WOD is a friendly competition, with an emphasis on friendly. The main objective is to raise funds for a good cause. For the 2018 WAD WOD, class fees and all donations made by often bemused passers-by were donated to Let Us Grow, a South African community-based organization that provides a range of services, including home-based care services for people living with HIV and support to their family members. We raised 502.60 CHF! Well done, everyone! The response to HIV has come a long way since the first World AIDS Day was held 30 years ago, on 1 December 1988, but there are still millions of people in need of assistance. Organizations like Let US Grow are providing that assistance.

Author: unaidsfitness