Some of you might have already realized that once you have entered the box something changes in your mind-set. It is with full anticipation that you look forward to spending the next hour with athletes alike you that push themselves to their limits and enjoy each other`s company. It is the team spirit that keeps you going when you want to quit.

It might have happened to you already that while you were struggling to finish your workout fellow athletes were not only cheering for you but also helped you clean up your workstation. As we all have tight schedules, squeezing workout sessions into our busy office schedule, we should lend a helping hand to each other, bringing back equipment and stacking it properly so it doesn’t become a hassle to set up workstations next time we squeeze in our one hour of joy.

On other occasions, we feel so sore after a workout that we would like to follow our coaches` advice to stretch and mobilize after the session, but time is limited and we have to rush. Hence, if we all could agree to clean up our workstations after ourselves, we all might benefit from the luxury of a short mobility session at the end of the workout, as well as from a tidy and clean box.



Last but not least, we might need some volunteers to clean the box occasionally with a vacuum cleaner. Hence, please bear in mind that the less we leave it dirty the less we have to ask for your help in cleaning it.

Author: Martina Juttner