Our apologies for the last-minute postponement of the summer barbeque. Our new plan is to kill three birds with one kettlebell by combining the potluck BBQ, the 2nd anniversary party and the General Assembly into one big weekend event. The tentative date is Sunday, 23 September.  We will confirm that date and provide details in the next newsletter.

As stated in the UNAIDS Fitness charter, each General Assembly meeting has the following standard agenda items:

  • approval of minutes of the last General Assembly
  • the Committee’s annual activity report
  • the cash reporting and auditing body (annual financial report)
  • the adoption of the budget
  • approval of reports
  • the election of Committee members and auditor

Members may also propose additional agenda items. At the 19 July Fitness Committee meeting, individual committee members proposed the following agenda items:

  • Class fees
  • Grant programme

If you would like to propose an agenda item, please send that proposal to fitness@unaids.org.

Author: Chris Fontaine