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UNAIDS/B3F - CrossFit

UNAIDS/B3F CrossFit provides rigorous and holistic fitness training to all interested members regardless of their levels of fitness and health.

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CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource


CrossFit functional training aims to achieve balances fitness and overall health through a combination of constantly varied functional movements, weightlifting and throwing, gymnastics, conditioning and nutrition. The primary component of this training is delivered through our starters and regulars classes, and supplemented by specialized classes, nutrition advice and specialized events. Surround yourself with a community of friends and coaches who will encourage, motivate and hold you accountable to achieving your fitness goals. And together with this supportive community and caring coaches, you will take your fitness to the next level.


Starters class

All new B3F athletes who do not have extensive experience with CrossFit should take at least one starters class. Starters will learn the basic movement patterns, Olympic lifts and gymnastics techniques at easy pace, and then encouraged to build the strength, flexibility and stamina required for the regulars class.


Regulars class

Regulars classes combine constantly varied functional movements, weightlifting, gymnastics and conditioning exercises into an hour-long session. During warm-up, strength, skill and metabolic conditioning sessions, athletes will be guided to safely perform at the high intensity required for sustained progress.


The nine foundational movements of CrossFit

CrossFit functional training is based on nine foundational movements, and all the exercises you will do during a CrossFit class is either one or a combination of several of these foundations. Take a moment to look at the clips below and if you have the time practice them at home with a broom stick. You can approach the nine foundational movements of functional training as three levels. The movements all build upon each other, getting more complex as they progress from Level 1 to Level 3. It is very important to master these movements with good technique and practice them often! All new members must understand the nine foundational movements. See all nine foundational movements of CrossFit.

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Specialized Classes

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Class Schedule

Monday to Saturday
12:00pm - 2:00pm
David Patrick
Body Building
Monday to Saturday
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Martin Lobo
Monday to Saturday
7:00am - 9:00am
John Doe
Monday to Saturday
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Joseph Paul

Specialized Classes

Functional Strength


With the Functional Strength Classes we provide an add-on and supplement to the regular CrossFit classes. 

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Open Gym


Open gym sessions are for either for seasoned cross training athletes who know what they’re doing or for people who have an individualised programme.

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Flexibility and mobility warm-ups – Variations on a myriad of dynamic warm-ups and static stretches, including pistols, and balance work.Basic strength – development for disadvantaged leverage.

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Our Coaches

Luisa Frescura
Jr Coach
Taavi Erkkola
Jr Coach
Denise Soesilo
Peter Koopmans
Head Coach
Christopher Fontaine
Zoe Brillantes


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